University of Santo Tomas at Night

Places | January 17, 2012 | 643 Views

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I got to see UST at night after the new year due to some unfortunate incident. My girlfriend’s brother had to be admitted to the UST hospital due to dengue fever.

I never appreciated UST until I saw it at night with all the lights on plus Kamille gave me a tour of her school and I realized how much historical value the place has. So when we headed back there I decided to bring my camera and shoot the place.

I got to shoot 4 areas : the Main building, Arch of the centuries, Plaza benavides, and the Quadricentennial sqaure. I wasn’t able to shoot the UST Carillon because the lights were turned off when I was just about to start. The Rosarium Garden looked nice when I first saw it but when we got back the lights were off. I heard from Kamille’s friend Chris that in celebration of the 400th year UST will close down the place to cars and will only have horses and carriages inside the campus and the guards will be dressed up in old Spanish soldier uniforms. I’m just not sure when that is or if it’s already happened but I’d love to see that if I get the chance.



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