“The Trees” sculpture in Burgos Circle

Places | November 1, 2012 | 1049 Views

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I have always wondered what that tree structure was in Burgos circle. I pass by it everyday on my way home so after my chocolate fire date with Kamille we headed out to Burgos Circle.

It turns out it is a steel sculpture. According to the pages I googled the tree sculpture is called “The Trees”, aptly named if I may say so :p. It’s an artwork by Reynato Paz Contreras. If you look closely there is a message from the sculptor – “The three trunks signify stability while the branches and leaves that intertwine to create the circular effect symbolize the ‘circle of life’, the interrelationships in nature and the vital role that each one plays. May this sculptural piece remind everyone of the need to preserve the environment to sustain life and development not just today but for the future as well.”

The place where the sculpture is placed is sort of a small circular park where young people hang out usually with their dogs. Around the area you’ll find Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese restaurants.

Below are some of the restaurants I saw there.


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