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Last month we went to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union for Kamille’s birthday. It was her mom’s birthday gift for her. We were with her brothers JB and Kyle, her mom, and her best friend Monica.

The resort is located inside Poro point free port zone similar to Subic. It has a Santorini inspired architecture like Bellarocca, the buildings are white with a few sections colored blue, which I think is off. They should have just went with pure white to make it look more classy. Based on the development plan I saw in the lobby, the resort is maybe 50% done there are still a lot of unbuilt structures. It has a golf course, swimming pool, beach and garden wedding area.

John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles’ wedding was held here. You can see the garden where the ceremonies was held on the 360 virtual tour, its the 4th thumnbnail above. I also embedded their wedding video below in case you want to see it.

I heard parts of the film “No other woman” was also shot here although I haven’t seen the movie yet. One of the steamy scenes was shot at the beach.

What I liked about the place
  • The Sunset was awesome (5th thumbnail on the virtual tour) and the Cliff areas were really nice. I got a 360 shot of the 9th hole in the golf area but it turns out hotel guests are prohibited from going there, that is if you’re not playing golf.
  • The rooms were spacious (I forgot to take take 360 photos!) and the buffet breakfast was great.
  • Beer is not too expensive during happy hours

What I didn’t like
  • Food was expensive. We had to eat out.
  • 6 hours drive is too far for me.
  • The beach had white sand but it was rocky.

Some Photos from that trip

Kamille and Me Kamille and Me

Kamille and Mom Kamille and her Mom

Kamille and Monica Kamille’s bestfriend Monica

Kamille and Kyle Kamille and her brother Kyle


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