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The Symphony of Lights and Sounds is an impressive display of Christmas lights that blink in harmony with famous Christmas songs. It happens in Ayala Triangle Gardens every year. I’m not sure what year it started but last year it was there. I work nearby so when we watched back then we just walked going there.

I usually leave the office after 10pm so when I pass by Ayala Triangle Gardens the lights are already off. The other day a couple of office mates invited me for a jog at the gardens around 9pm so I was able to catch the lights on and it looked nice from afar. The next day I decided to take my camera , watch the lights show and shoot a 360 of it.

I saw this last year and this year’s show is much better. The part I liked best was when the colors turned orange and red, the place just lit up and made you want to say WOW. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take still pictures of those light transitions because I left my kit lens at home. Anyway just watch it yourself. It will run up to dec 30 from 6pm-10pm every hour, mondays to sundays.

The light shows happen at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, etc. runs about 20 minutes and after that they leave the lights on for a few minutes so people could take photos. The 360 photo I took was during that part after the show.

You can find more info about it on Makati’s facebook page http://www.facebook.com/makeitmakati

Here’s a video feature about it on GMT TV

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