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We went to Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal last week during the “Araw ng Kagitingan” holiday. I was with my auntie and my cousins. I decided to spend some time with them because I spent so much time with my girlfriend Kamille over that long weekend.

I remember around 8 years ago we discovered this place. During that time not a lot of people knew about it and we had the resort all to ourselves every time we went here. Back then there was only one big pool and the giant slide, now they have 2 wave pools for surfing and swimming, a kayaking pool, a lap pool, a shaded pool and a kiddie pool. They also added a zip line which will give you a good view of the resort. On the zip line scaffold (7th thumbnail on the tour) you’ll get a nice panoramic view of Ortigas center and Makati. Too bad my bald head was blocking some of the view :( .

One of the attractions I really like was the Cliff dive pool. There’s a ledge you can jump of that is 20 ft high. I didn’t try it because I had all my camera gear with me (lame excuse haha). It’s the 5th thumbnail on the tour. I got a shot of a guy before he hit the water there, quite cool.

I was quite surprised that I still enjoyed our visit to the resort even if I’ve been there a handful of times. So give it a visit I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Get some surfing lessons and try the Cliff dive, don’t be a sissy like me. :)

Some Photos

Club Manila East on 360philippines.com Pic 1 My aunt, me, and my decaying lowepro bag.

Club Manila East on 360philippines.com Pic 3 My cousin Richard. He’s a special child. I love him dearly.

Club Manila East on 360philippines.com Pic 2 My Aunt and Richard.

Club Manila East on 360philippines.com Pic 4 My Aunt and Snow White. Yes, that’s her real name and she hates her mom for it.haha.

Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/clubmanilaeast

Website – www.clubmanilaeast.com

Phone – 284-4740 to 41 / 284-4754 or 58 / 284-4768 to 69 / 660-2801 to 02


Mon – Sun: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

Directions From Ortigas Center

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