Casa Santa – A Santa Claus Museum in Antipolo

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Casa Santa is a Santa Claus Museum in Antipolo. It’s located inside Jardin de Miramar compound (scroll down to see location in google map). The house where the Santa collections are displayed used to be the vacation house of business woman Ms. Edna del Rosario. She opened the house to the public so that she can share all her santa collections to the people.

I discovered this place 2 years ago around Christmas time when I saw it on a morning show. During that time I was dating my high school friend and I was thinking of a cheesy /”John Lloyd” way of giving my christmas gift to her so I rented the place.

The setup : Inside Casa Santa I had a gift which I put underneath the christmas tree. I placed it earlier that day. I also brought a stereo with a CD of coldplay with just 1 song “have yourself a merry little christmas”. I met her in the afternoon, I said I’d take her some place. I wanted her to put on a blindfold but she won’t let me. So we drove to Casa Santa. When we got there she was a bit clueless what the place was. when I brought her inside, I saw her face lit up. I played the coldplay song and I handed the gift to her. She cried and said she was touched. Later that night she said “sarap mo maging boyfriend!”. Mission accomplished!! However…. We’re not together now but we’re good friends, it would take an entire blog to tell the story why so I won’t go into that. I have a girlfriend now and she has a boyfriend too. It’s just such a good story to tell :) . Below are some photos from that day.

To date I’ve seen Casa Santa three times, 1st time was the story I mentioned above. 2nd was when I brought my relatives there and 3rd time was when I shot the place. The place never fails to give you that Christmas feel even when you’ve seen it many times. Below are some more photos

Roni(my brother’s wife), McCoy(my brother), Richard, My Aunts, Cousins

My Brother grabbing Mrs. Claus behind

Casa Santa Open Dates for 2011 Christmas Season

For more info visit their website www.miramar.com.ph



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