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Astoria Boracay is a resort in white beach station 1. It was formerly Boracay Gold Crowne. They renovated the resort and turned it into a chic and modern one. They have 39 rooms with stylish design, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a function room.

I got to shoot Astoria Boracay back in August 2010. John Tanjangco the marketing guy of Bellarocca was also a consultant of Astoria Resorts. They commissioned me to make a 360 virtual tour of the resort.

This was the 1st time I got to travel alone, the astoria marketing team had already gone ahead of me. My flight landed at Caticlan, it is closer to the pier going to Boracay only a few minutes drive will take you to the pier. Kalibo airport they say is one hour drive to the pier but the view going there is very scenic. I’ve never landed at kalibo before, on my previous trip to Boracay I also took a Caticlan flight.

I took the boat ride from the pier to the island. When I got to the island an Astoria Boracay staff was already waiting for me. A van took me from the pier to the resort. Their van reminded me of the one in Bellarocca, this one was smaller but this had LCD screens inside. I had a short chat with the driver and he said he used to work for discovery shores. He described astoria boracay as a smaller version of it. I’ve never been to Discovery Shores but I heard its one of the finer resorts there so being compared to it must already be a testament of how nice the resort is.

When I got there I wasn’t disappointed the resort was very nice, the rooms were very modern and stylish and the pool was very welcoming. They say it’s in Station 1 but I think its more Station 2. I don’t know who declares the boundaries there when I research they say differently about where a certain station starts and ends. All I can say is it’s a few minutes walk to Willy’s rock and the better part of Station one where the beach is longer and the sand finer. It’s also a few minutes walk to D’mall so it’s location is good. On my previous stay in boracay we stayed at the end of station 2 and my the walk to station 1 was looooong, so any resort located close to station 1 is good for me.

I was there for 4 days and 3 nights. On the first night I had already finished the shoot. I started at around 1 in the afternoon and finished around 3 in the morning. I did this so I could just relax the whole stay and shoot some more 360s of Boracay. Actually this trip hit 2 birds in one stone. I got to shoot astoria boracay and also the entire white beach. I had a website in mind for the longest time I wanted to call it boracay360.com. So after this trip I got to finally put that up. It became a finalist in the 12th philippine web awards but it didnt win. After that I didn’t know what to do with the website so I just left it there. I hope someday somebody will buy it from me. haha.

One of the highlights of this trip was getting to meet Boy Abunda he was there to tape the astoria ad with the guys who built flippish.com. I was shooting the honey moon suite when he walked in accompanied by the owner Mrs. Ang. I didn’t know what to do so I shook his hand. I think he was clueless to as to who I was. Here’s a shot of him while taping.

Boy Abunda in Astoria Boracay

I enjoyed my stay there the food was great, staff was nice, I loved the room they gave me. One thing I also really enjoyed was the pool I kept coming back to take a dip when I run out of things to do. I basically just ate, slept, swam in the pool, watched tv, shot 360s. I thought I’d be bored being alone on Boracay for a couple of days but oddly I enjoyed it. I think sometimes people need some alone time to reflect and relax.

I can’t give tips on the budget and the rates because I was there as a photographer. Visit their website and you’ll find information there.



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