Anawangin Cove in Zambales

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In 2010 I got to see Anawangin cove in Zambales. It was just a side thing, the real trip was to go to Iba, Zambales. My friend Toff has a small resort in Iba. Check out their website Tammy’s Resort( I built it , shameless plug :) )

We stay at Tammy’s resort every once in a while to relax and unwind get away from the stresses of city life. When we’re there the routine is the same eat, play beach football, play cranium, get drunk, sleep then the cycle repeats. On this particular stay we wanted to do something different. So on the way home we decided to pass by Anawangin cove.

From Iba Zambales we headed to Pundaquit, we didn’t know the way so we just asked around as we drove along. I cant give the exact directions too since I didn’t take note of it, I never thought I’d blog about it someday.

When we got there we saw pay parking slots. They’re actually just homes of people with some space where you can park. They will offer to look after your car while your out. I think we paid 50 for the parking.

Right after we parked some boat men approached us. I’m not sure how much we got the boat trip but I think it’s somewhere close to Php 1k. We boarded, took us 30-40 minutes to get there.

When we got to the cove I noticed several boats docked and some camping tents. I thought we would have the place to ourselves. I was also surprised as there were concrete comfort rooms, mini sari sari stores, picnic tables. so In short it’s no longer a virgin beach.

The lake looking body of water you see in pictures turns out to be a marsh. When you walk in it you’ll feel the squishy feeling of moss that accumulated at the bottom. It feels kinda gross but it was fun. I think we’re lucky that it rained the previous day and the water in the marsh was quite high. One of the kuyas selling ice cream told us there are times when it looks almost dried up but on that particular day it wasn’t thus making it a good day for 360 photos!

We took photos, took a quick dip and then we went back to Pundaquit. When we got back we took a bath at the house of the person where we parked. He provided us with a drum of water. We just took a bath outside his house, the girls used his C.R.

To wrap it up, The view was great, The beach was also nice (as you see in the 360 photos). But it’s not a place I would go back to. I think the marsh would eventually dry up and it would no longer look nice. However I still think it’s worth a visit.

Some photos from that trip



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