I started 360 Philippines in Feb 2009 because I needed a website where I can showcase all my 360 panoramas. Back then I had just started with making websites and I was also new to photography. During that time everyone was getting into it, I didn't really want to get into photography because I felt I lacked the creativity and the talent but when I saw 360 panoramas I was so blown away by it that I decided to learn it.

I discovered 360 panoramas by accident. I was creating a website for my ex girlfriend's mom and I was studying how to embed google maps unto websites. That's when I stumbled upon google street view. If you're not familiar with it Google has a website with 360 views of streets. When I saw it I was just in awe. I was so fascinated with it that I read tons of tutorials and articles on 360 panoramas. When I realized that it can be done with the right equipment I finally decided to invest on the gear.

My first purchase was a Sigma 8mm fish eye lens which I bought on installment. The funny thing was I didn't even have a DSLR then. My brother McCoy had a canon 350d which I just planned on borrowing from time to time. The nodal head (the thing you put on the tripod) wasn't even available here during that time so I had to order it from the states. I had it brought here by a friend who was currently deployed there for work.

Looking back, my first panoramas looked AWFUL! The images were blurred, the colors were either too yellow or blue. I didn't know what white balance was and how to focus my lens. I just kept on shooting and shooting until my shots were starting to look decent.

In Sep 2009, I got burnt out with work I decided to quit my job. I didn't have any plans but I knew I didn't want to keep on doing what I was doing. I thought I'd try running my own small business offering 360 virtual tours. And so I did, I registered with BIR, DTI, the works. After 6 months of trying to sell the 360 service, going door to door to hotels and resorts. I finally decided to call it quits. I went back to corporate with a new appreciation of having a 9-5 job.

That time 360philippines.com wasn't earning anything from sponsors or ads (it still isn't) and I only got few projects from time to time. From that point on I lost the enthusiasm for shooting. I got what they call the "shutter blues". I remember waking up everyday and I didn't want to do anything.

"Forget about trying to earn money from 360philippines. That way, your motive becomes one of an artist. You shoot because you love to shoot. You do it for the passion. Then your website will grow with beautiful VRs."

One time I was going through my inbox and found this email from Aram Pam of singaporevr.com. I sent him an email a year earlier when I was just starting out and asked some advice on how to run my website. This is what he said.

"Forget about trying to earn money from 360philippines. That way, your motive becomes one of an artist. You shoot because you love to shoot. You do it for the passion. Then your website will grow with beautiful VRs."

I know its touchy feely but its true. It wasn't really about the money. It was about shooting 360 panoramas because I loved it. I loved how I can show people places by combining my skills in making websites and shooting 360 panoramas.

So with this renewed enthusiasm I re-started my journey. I put up my personal website milotimbol.com, which won best personal website in the 12th philippine web awards, I also built boracay360.com which became a finalist too. I took up entrepreneurship in Ateneo, I enrolled in Anton Diaz's internet marketing course called Maven Secrets, and I rebuilt this website from the ground up.

360philippines.com is far from what I envision it to be. Someday I hope to have all the popular tourist destinations featured here and I also hope to discover places still unknown to many.

Unfortunately my passion for 360 virtual panoramas cannot feed me so in Early 2010 I partnered with some friends to put up mediahub360.com, and in late 2012 I decided to do it on my own and I created ExSight360.com . This website / blog is where I will document my 360 adventures. So check back regularly as I will be updating this website from time to time.

I'm constantly improving this website. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below. Thank you!